Immunity Botanical Concentrate


The Evolution of Ancient Botanicals

Tomen harnesses the power of plant-based healing traditions to create functional botanical concentrates that balance and restore our natural rhythms.

Our six proprietary formulas were developed by working with masters in traditional Chinese medicine, integrative wellness, western herbology and botany. Designed to be great tasting, powerful healing tonics that are potent, efficacious and pure.

We are committed to seeking the world’s most pure and powerful plants while simultaneously respecting their natural temples and rhythms. Certified-organic or sustainably and ethically wild-harvested, Tomen offers full traceability on all ingredients.


Holy Basil 

We must fortify that which is sacred. With elderberry, licorice and, this rejuvenating blend strengthens our necessary defenses.


Supplements the protective energy which circulates the body’s exteriors

that act as powerful antioxidants

Relieves chest tightness and general malaise

Alleviates many forms of mild seasonal discomfort, including irritated throat and respiratory distress

Organic Holy Basil

Organic Astragalus Root

Organic Elderberry Fruit

Organic Licorice Root

Organic Wild Cherry Bark


30 servings/bottle

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