Flower Rosin Infused Delights


Gossamer x Rose Delights: Watermelon, Tomato, and Sencha Green Tea — 

When it came time to choose a brand partner whose quality and values aligned with Gossamer’s, Rose Delights was a no-brainer. Specializing in small-batch runs of seasonally-inspired  Turkish delights handmade with locally-sourced ingredients and infused with single-strain flower rosin that’s meticulously pressed in-house, Rose Delights is the rare edibles brand whose products look as good as they taste. 

As part of Rose’s dedication to partnering with renowned culinary talent on recipe development—previous and upcoming partners include chefs Nicole Rucker and Dominique Crenn—Gossamer tapped contributor and Brooklyn-based chef Tara Thomas (of Sincerely Tommy Eat and Stay) to concept and direct the flavor profile of their collaboration.

Featuring juicy Sweet Crimson watermelon from Full Belly Farms and Early Girl dry-farmed tomatoes for a strong and bright finish, Chef Tara’s recipe layers in ground Kirishima sencha green tea from San Francisco-based Leaves and Flowers to round out the bubbly, peak-summer palette with robust, earthy notes—a perfect bite for late fall and early winter.

Rosin also preserves the natural flower-forward flavor profile of the single strains used, beautifully accenting the market fruit and other flavors.

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